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Have you found something that is not listed on the database? Please go to the PSG forum and post details in the Defence Of Britain Project Database section.

Having an issue with this website? Please contact Please don't email with updates on the database, this website is automatically generated based on the eDoB, so updates need to go through the proper channels above.

Website Updates:

14/06/2020Beta Version
15/06/2020Added Google Analytics
18/06/2020Improved accuracy of markers
08/09/2020Added simple Facebook preview images
22/09/2020Updated to 18.3
15/05/2021Updated to 18.4
25/05/2021Fixed AT line colours and added missing AT lines
  • New Site Logo
  • Added Legend to map
  • Better Facebook Previews
  • New Sidebar Interface to map
  • Added Flickr photos to map
  • Added Geograph photos to map
  • Added BfA links to map
  • Added BfA Image markers to map (Beta)
  • Improved map marker icons
  • QGIS Support
  • New Statistics Page
  • Fixed/Improved map location search
  • Web Crawler Friendly
  • Legacy version of website available here
22/09/2021Fixed Google search result titles
  • Updated to 18.5
  • Removed links to old-maps 😞
  • Fixed support for polygonal features in AT Lines
  • Updated to 18.6
  • Fixed map attributions


The data that is represented on this website is automatically generated from Steve Thompson's Google Earth Overlay with his permission.

Steve's overlay was originally adapted from the Defence of Britain Archive(DoB) which is copyright of the Council for British Archaeology. The DoB was funded by the Department of National Heritage (now DCMS) and the Heritage Lottery Fund. The DoB is licenced freely by the Archaeology Data Service for use or adaptation for research or learning purposes.

The eDoB may contain data that is the copyright of others but such data will be clearly noted. The eDoB may contain links to external resources that retain their original copyright.

This website was created by and is copyright of .


Defence structures and sites of all types both above and below ground can be very dangerous. Serious injury or even death can arise from unauthorised entry into such sites and structures. Join a responsible club, group or society who can arrange official visits. This website accepts no responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by ignoring this advice. We do not encourage readers to undertake the ad hoc clearance of vegetation from pillboxes, as it can expose them to physical damage and inappropriate use, it may also contravene a variety of statutory regulations including, listed buildings and SSSI designations. Vegetation clearance should only ever be undertaken as part of a formal arrangement, having sought and obtained permission from the land owner and other necessary authorities. Damaging a listed or scheduled monument can be considered as a Heritage Crime.